Client - Bill Johnson refused to pay for outstanding balance Past Due, for which he was invoiced, at the time > for past years. Upon which a disagreement arose which resulted in payment not made for services outstanding...

File Note: Bill Johnson paid for many years since 1995 - He called one day to relate he did not use the web site much and decided he did not want it any longer.. This was after we had paid in advance for the years hosting which term was yearly as in past years. Payment terms had been set up for 4 equal payments to work within an auto pay through Webster Bank. We changed our systems to email billing - no paper - "go Green" and Was told we had failed to provide a statement per payment and when provided we overlapped. Billing system had been up dated several times since 1995 as was the servers every three years at no cost. Our business clients pay once a year, but we made an adjustment for this to help out we thought. We were treated with rudeness and crudeness. To say the least we did not care for such treatment after many years... Warren Hunt (Bill Johnson - hope this helps explain our side & my feelings about your dealings and attitude I did not much like. I suggest a course in business communications. Life is just hard often without having to deal with hard nose people whom are always right, not letting room for the benefit of doubt. While working Hard to provide the best service as possible.)

- Deadbeat -

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